1st time user.  Just learning finish lynx and race tab.  We are using the boys head coaches mile split account for login since I have had numerous difficulties logining into race tab 4.25.  I find that when I go to download our intra squad meet that we have listed on mile split to practice on finish lynx and race tab that nothing carries over-no teams, athletes, events or entries even though they are all completed on mile split.  I could really use some help.

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The only other option I can give you is to go to your meet, in Meet manager go to Entries tab, download the RaceTab 3 file and import it into a RaceTab meet you create on your desktop.

That may work.

If you are not logged in with as either an employee of the meet's timing company or an approved coach at the host school, the athletes and entries will not download. If you believe this to be the case, please contact support with the specific account and all and we can check if there is any issue.

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