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At 10:36pm on April 21, 2013,
John B Caulfield

The linking of the two computers is explained on the finishlynx web site and manuals.

One way to do what you want is to have a hub/switch that has a port for every Ethernet device you want connected , EG, one for every camera, one for each computer and if you use a net work printer that as well.

Assign a fixed TCP/IP(4) address to the computers,  make sure that the last three digits  are at least 10 numbers apart in the last set of numbers for the address. The Finish lynx program will assign the ip numbers to each camera it finds on the network and the numbers increase one at a time going up from the address of the timing computer.

Turn file sharing on for both computers.  and share the folder that you are putting the Photo finish information files in.  The file can be on either computer but Race tab has a default sub folder labeled timing sessions which is easiest to use. 

In Race tab set the interface to Finish Lynx and check all for auto import and export of files.  ( the RT will write a .evt  a .sch and a .ppl file into shared folder)

In Finish lynx start the program, go to options and select "DATABASE"

source is files, precision is thousandths

input and output directory is the share folder that RT is writing the files into.

You ignore anything that seems to say serial

you turn write .lif on.

After that in finish lynx you load the schedule , click on the picture of the Rolodex with the question mark .  and then tell the finish lynx program to go to a particular race, either by typing in the event number, round and heat or scrolling through the list of event.

After the race is evaluated Finish lynx will write a .lif (information file) when you save the race or tell the program to write an .lif (file banner- save lif)

In the events window of race tab select the event and heat you want, click on get times and the program brings in the .lif and the results appear for the race.

Does this make sense to you?

At 3:18pm on April 22, 2013,
John B Caulfield

Set up the network a day or two before hand and have the people who will be operating the computers on the day of the meet running the computers at the practice session. You can trouble shoot easier when ther is no pressure.

At 7:41pm on January 26, 2018, Tom Ahlberg said…

Struggling to get times to populate when I save a race in Finishlynx. I have both computers talking to each other and the .lif file is in the timed sessions folder on the Racetab computer. Do I need to put a number in the listen port box when setting up the source.

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