I am hoping 3.84 fixes the XC issues that some have been having. The two primary issues I've seen seem at least somewhat related: scrambling of bib #s and "mysterious" increment of places from hidden entries.

Both of these stem from earlier or imported entries into the race from other heats. Obviously there are no heats/rounds in cross country, but we were carrying over a lot of code from track in generating those reports. If everyone was round=1 and heat=1 like they should be in XC it wouldn't matter. But in some cases they got in some other values there. So what I did is did a little more separation of the logic for non-track meets and just aren't even looking at that heat/round information.

So what you should see is that you will SEE any of those inherited or imported entries that were previously hidden. Most likely you'll want to clear them, but before you simply didn't know they were there.

Let me know if anything else of course.

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Comment by Freddie Bullock on September 11, 2013 at 10:22am

Will definitely give it a go tonight for XC and Road Race.   Will do single and on a network.  I was not downloading from a site; I was using CSV file.  Would that make a difference on what I need to do, etc?  I know in past not, etc..  You all are amazing. THanks

Comment by Jason Byrne on September 12, 2013 at 2:18am

Updated again with 3.85


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