Relay Meet issues: Yesterday I had my annual relay meet and had the following issues with RaceTab:
1. After scoring certain field event relays I got an error message that prevented me seeing the HTML format to print out our sheet. I had to create new events to score the relays (as track relays), while turning off the scoring for the original event.
2. Possibly due to changing the version to the newest version, the JV events were reading as a varsity event. I had to edit the event to change that issue.
3. While testing the meet out before it happened, there was a bug for ties on track relays where a tie for 5th (10,8,6,4,2,1) was giving 2 points to one team and 1.5 points to another.
4. In field event relays where not all members of a team got a mark (in particular pole vault), their distances were calculated for scoring purposes. It made a difference as I had one girl earn 6th place on her own.
5. I had trouble linking the meet to milesplit, as I was hoping to go with live results This also effected the upload process as I had to email it in instead. This could be a result of my school's restrictive internet setup

Overall, the program worked better than in the past. Keep at it guys.

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