RaceTab 3.80 Release Notes - June 22, 2013

Released June 22, 2013

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Bug Fixes

  • None

New Features

  • Split Points have been implemented with setting them up, importing, exporting, manually typing in splits, printing splits in columns, printing splits below each result, filtering results to print results as of a given split. SPLIT IMPLEMENTATION IS NOT COMPLETE. There is a lot more to go with these feature set, but this is a solid start.
  • Added new report genre: Team Report. Currently you can just do it by event and not by athlete, but by athlete will be coming... along with other customization features.

Other Changes

  • Added setting a meet logo image... although right now it doesn't print anywhere or do anything..... but it's there for future and to look pretty on the setup tab for now.

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Comment by Michael Roth on June 22, 2013 at 9:20am

Team report:  DNS & DQ are listed above those with finishing places.  Definitely want to change that.


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