Fixed a number of small issues reported...

* Login issue with mixed case user names fixed. Make sure you do type in the user name just like you registered. It is case sensitive.

* Fixed two live results issues:  "undefined" relay team issue and also when you click on the team name (list below the event list) then it will properly show the roster and results for that team

* Make field relays rely on the # of scorers setting in the event itself, rather than the overall meet default, so that each event can be customized

* Added "default" option for # of scorers in an event so that you can choose to use the meet default, none, unlimited, or a customized number.

* "Score All" will properly mark athletes with no mark as a scratch... it won't (yet) handle ties as well as scoring normally. It's still intended as a last resort

* Removed importing from Hytek Database from opening screen because it just wasn't even worth having since it didn't work especially well in Hytek 2 and doesn't work at all with Hytek 3 or Hytek 4. I don't really intend to build a lot of Hytek integration going forward, really just let's break that Hytek dependency.

* Made RTQL the default file extension when importing from RTQL.. rather than TXT. Most sites that offer this download are now saving to .rtql


Other small stuff

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