Just pushed this out auto to all 3.053 users because I'm getting tired of supporting that version with things already fixed. So is this 3.71 official? Well I guess you could say so....

Still aiming at 4.0 as the official official... but this one is stable enough as-is. Just gotta get apps piece out of beta before calling it 4.0

Of course if you follow along here you can already run some of the apps


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Comment by T Penman on April 13, 2013 at 3:13pm

Regarding the seeding; when we have a meet where we seed heats from worst to best.  Often we will get day-of-entry athletes, and due to the nature of our meet, we are happy to oblige.  However, when we manually add in athletes after an event has been seeded, we would like to add a heat at the beginning of the event, not the end.  This is the long way of saying that we would like to be able to add a heat before the existing heat 1, instead of the default adding of a heat to the end of the existing heats.


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