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I used Racetab at the AAU Qualifier in Melbourne on Saturday, June 8. Though the program worked fine overall, these issues came up:

1) Listing bib numbers on heat & flight sheets is not an option. I figured out how to add the code for the running event sheets but not the field event sheets.

2) Field event sheets did not include the team name.

3) At the conclusion of a running event and after times were entered and scored, the print mode wiped out the scoring if the "hidden" view was selected. The only modes that allowed correct placing and scoring were the team ones. Every event result required full printing of that event with  the team scores. This was as many as 6 pages at one point. 

4) The day after the meet, we discovered that several of the races were missing times and places that we know were entered on race day. I found that in some races, not all, the Racetab scoring button resulted in lane numbers being changed to "0", the corresponding place "scr", and the time deleted. 

5) At the conclusion of some running events, the Racetab score button did not actually score until clicked on repeatedly.

6) Racetab counts unattached as a team. How is this fixed?

7) A function is needed on the Publish Tab for just 1 event or select events for printing.

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Comment by Jason Byrne on June 12, 2013 at 4:19pm

1) Why would you need bib #s at a track meet? I guess I'm not used to seeing this practice.

2) The Field Score Sheets show the team abbreviation by default. So if you didn't set an abbreviation that is why.

3) I'm not totally clear on what you're saying here, except to say that if you are hiding team score then it will not show the points column. Not sure if that is what you're saying or not.

4) ?? Would need to find out how to reproduce this behavior. Have not seen it and can't imagine why/how it could do that.

5) ?? Same as previous answer. Maybe your computer was running slowly?

6) You can set any team to not score... it is an option when you edit the team. So if you had Unattached as a team (which is what I recommend) but it was set to score for some reason then yeah.

7) There is a link on the Events tab to print the current event, otherwise you can choose to print just one event under the Customize button.

You said you're on 3.6.... assuming you mean 3.76?

Comment by Don Passenger MichianaTiming.com on June 15, 2013 at 6:06am

1) Why would you need bib #s at a track meet? I guess I'm not used to seeing this practice.

Youth meets around here use them all the time.  Kids sign up and they write the bib number on their hands or give them a literal bib.  They form heats on the fly and currently they get to the other end and record the bib numbers that just ran and match them up with times.  A couple of my people can do it in real time.  Very efficient way to run a youth meet.  Hytek calls them "competitor numbers".  When you type the number it populates the athletes in the event similar to how it works say in cross country or a road race in RaceTab.  Granted using names is pretty fast in RT, but still bibs are way faster for a good ten key operator.


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