RaceTab 3.5 Beta 5 - December 1, 2012 with First App

I have a new beta build tonight. The only updates to this beta are new features on the web server that is used by the new app.

Here is the video of me using the new app with RaceTab...


Download RaceTab 3.5 Beta 5:


If you have an Android phone you can download the beta of the Day of Entry app to go with it:


This app is still in beta and not in the Google Play Store... so you can only load it if you have enabled your phone to side-load apps from third parties.

It may be easier for you to scan this QR code to install it:

The above QR code may also work with BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, WebOS, and Symbian... but honestly I'm not sure because that's all theoretical. It hasn't been tested on those. It will not install on iOS yet simply because Apple sucks and doesn't operate on an open platform.

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Comment by Don Passenger MichianaTiming.com on December 1, 2012 at 9:35am

Alpha 5 already exists by the way ... is this the right version?  We were in beta.

Comment by Jason Byrne on December 1, 2012 at 9:58am

Oops... no, we are in beta now, not alpha.... updated the link to be beta!!! thanks!!

Comment by Don Passenger MichianaTiming.com on December 1, 2012 at 12:17pm

Have both installed now ... sort of working ... see facebook post.

Comment by KL Cooley on December 1, 2012 at 2:59pm

Being a Mac guy for everything but FlashTiming and RaceTab, I don't really see any real advantage to pursuing the iOS platform. 

We plan to get a cheap Android tablet that will be dedicated to meets (7" Coby on Amazon $98). I'll get more when we can do remote field events input (hint intended).

RaceTab rocks, but its not the kind of program/system that would be any kind of fit with iOS  products. Slow upgrade process, picky approval system would be frustrating for sure.

That being said, I consider it a feature that iOS isn't "Open." There are advantages to their philosophy, even if it clashes with RaceTab's.

Bottom line (opinion). Beef up the PC and Android apps and don't worry about an iOS app, the hoops to jump through aren't worth it.

- from MI, the #1 RaceTab State in the #1 RaceTab Nation.

Comment by Jasen Parks on December 1, 2012 at 3:20pm

I think you are wasting your time with the android only apps. I truly only know 3 people that are on those phones. I know a few that have the old flip phone, but everyone else uses the iPhone. It may be harder to get approved to use the iOS but that is what the majority of the USA uses. And I don't know anyone other than you that uses the droid tablets or any tablet other than the iPad. 

I can't imagine anyone other than a few timers buying, those products when they already have the iphone or iPad.

My point is you have the best program out there but, it won't grow in use if they have to buy other stuff to use it. 

Comment by Jasen Parks on December 1, 2012 at 3:24pm

I should not say wasting your time, just need to focus more on where the customers are  I guess 

Comment by Jasen Parks on December 1, 2012 at 3:27pm

One more thing, timed a road race this morning with the Beta version and I LOVED it. Pull all the people where the needed to be for the results. I did try to add to the rankings, and it ran the names together (first and last as first)  and used the gender as last name. I also used a barcode scanner and it worked great. 

Thanks for all the great updates Jason!

Comment by KL Cooley on December 1, 2012 at 3:48pm

Seems to me that a majority of RaceTab users are PC users, first. I would consider myself in the minority in that we use all Macs for scoring (w/Bootcamp and VirtualPC). Many PC users still think that Apple "Sucks" to use Jason's parlance and really do use Android devices. lol.

I'm just saying that the Android development process "fits" with what Jason does. i.e intense, sometimes infrequent update cycles. With immediate gratification for us. 

So Jason does decide to run parallel development with iOS  and Android apps. After a caffeinated all-niter. He puts the finishing touches on "RT 4.0032 Alpha" and he wants DonP and the rest of us in 87 countries to test it out on their iPhone's/Droids. You get to wait 1-3 weeks while it works its way through the iOS approval process while the Android crowd is already enjoying the "version 4.0039 beta."

Also, I don't know about you but I'll feel a little more comfortable sending an inexpensive Android device out into the elements as opposed to "My Precious" (iPad). 

2 more cents...

Comment by Jason Byrne on December 1, 2012 at 3:52pm

Jasen, I appreciate your opinion and very much wish that I could post it to the iOS App Store as well. However, I see no possible way that Apple would ever in a million years approve this app. They test and are very picky with their apps, don't let you charge for anything outside the app (because they are greedy bloodsuckers), and they would not be able to test this app without having Windows and installing RaceTab on it, setting up a meet, etc. They are not going to do that.

If you can come up with some way to make it happen, I'm all ears. Like I said, I will probably be able to come up with a somewhat workable workaround, but it will not be in the app store... it will involve going to a web page, setting long cache on it, and adding an icon. It should work but won't be ideal. Just no way I can see around that thanks to Apple's policies. Maybe if it's a jail broken iPhone there might be a way.

anyway... but in case you missed the memo Android has 75% of the global market. iOS has 15%... and Android's share is growing while iOS is shrinking. Yes, a lot of people in the US have iOS... not disputing that... but it is changing and no longer the majority.


Also.... there are TONS of cheap Android devices. And things that are pretty common like the Kindle Fire and Nook Tab are Android tablets also.

Comment by Jason Byrne on December 1, 2012 at 4:00pm

Thanks, KL. And for the record... I really do prefer the Android UX in its entirety and find iOS a pain and very cumbersome to use. HOWEVER... that is a personal preference and I realize that. So I don't have an issue with the iOS users and their personal preference. So I don't say it "sucks" from that point of view--just a personal preference. The reason I say "Apple sucks" is because I hate their policies, how they treat developers, their greed, and pretty much every thing they stand for. :-)


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