We have basic (but solid) support live IPICO reading from mats. We currently only support start and finish. I am working on better support and doing splits and live scoring with them. I want to share my implementation plan here for public comment.


You will define a given number of split points. Essentially, at every point you want to read every race you will have a split point.

For each split point you will define a name (just for identification), event (potentially heat/round if ever done for track), ip address, port, behavior (start, finish, split, or debug).

You will choose which split point you are monitoring at a given time. So you will tell RaceTab to listen for the start, and then you can change it to the mile split point, then two mile, and then finish. RaceTab will only listen to that point split point at a given time, so you always know what you are monitoring and how it is being read.

If you need to monitor multiple points at the same time (overlapping races perhaps) then you'd need a second computer running RaceTab.

I arrived at this set up trying to make things simpler. I thought about doing time ranges of when it will read a given thing, but that just gets complicated both for me and for the user to set up. I think this leaves less room for error--so long as you have someone monitoring it to make sure it's listening to the right point. We will be sure to clearly identify the name of the point its listening to.

Thoughts? Questions?

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Comment by Jason Byrne on May 10, 2013 at 6:28pm

I'm thinking that, even if you're not using the live IPICO readin... you will be able to define these split points. And then import times from some other source (text/csv file for example) into that split point. So there will be other potential sources instead of just IPICO. Or if you are working a remote compete with no network connection to the main computer, you could potentially export it from there to a thumb drive and import it via a text or RTQL or whatever file back into the main database under whatever split point.

Comment by Jason Byrne on May 10, 2013 at 6:29pm

Question I'm debating with is if you have four splits (start, 1 mile, 2 mile, finish) and 20 races... do you need to define 80 split points? Or can you get away with defining four and changing the event each time as well as the point?


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