I am probably just missing a simple button.  I am running a test meet with both boys and girls teams.  When I go to Publish to print results.  I notice that the scores are not identified by gender.  It has one set of scores labelled Varsity Team Scores and a 2nd set of scores labelled Varsity Team Scores.  I go into Advanced Settings to see if I need to enable a field or code and don't see where to do it.  I know how to just display boy results and girl results separately.  Ideally, it would identify as Boys Varsity Team Scores and Girls Varsity Team Scores like it does with the labels of the individual events.



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Comment by Jeff Kalember on May 20, 2017 at 12:14pm

yes i have noticed the same thing -- I just print boys and girls results separately.

OR i think it depends on which event you have listed first.  Do you have the boys 3200m relay first?  If so then boys team scores listed first, i think!


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