ONe of my timers had a lot of issues with RT dying(exceptions being thrown but not given option to continue but just getting kicked out) when attempting to print results from the events tab.  

So he flash drived the meet to computer #2 which was using 3.93.  but when trying to print in the old version (using the race file created in 4.01) he got a screen of errors.

4.01 worked fine in dry runs the night before when both entering finishers and importing times (xNote).  the only thing that he thinks was different from last night to today is that he had to manually enter an entire team's entries on site(nice).

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Comment by Jason Byrne on August 22, 2015 at 12:21pm

Meet databases created with older versions of RaceTab should be able to open in RaceTab 4... and RaceTab 4 will upgrade them to make any changes for the newest database structure. So that, by definition, is backwards compatibility.

I can not guarantee that if you do the reverse--create the meet in a new version and open in an old--that it will work as expected. I guess that would be "forward compatibility".

Please send me the meet database and the steps to reproduce any issue and I will get right on diagnosing it and issuing a fix if necessary.


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