Very much enjoying Racetab with Flashtiming this track season. Every meet has been a success for timing and scoring. Some glitches still occur and I am interested if others have experienced the same.

What recommendations might there be?

1) After emailing the pre-meet heat sheets to the meet director, some names/assignments appear different for a specific event on meet day when I open up the program.

2) Live results showed up online for the first few events and then stopped. Internet signal and connection were fine.

3) With 2 computers networked, the results on the distance races (800M & 1600M) on the capture computer were correct but were swapped between athletes by Racetab on the scoring computer.  

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Comment by Ron Holzapfel on April 1, 2016 at 8:39pm

Joe, when you saw results were swapped between athletes, how do you mean? Do you mean that times for 1 runner was given to another runner in the same race  incorrectly? Or do you mean that a time for a runner was showing up for another name that was not even in the race? If it is the second situation, I have had that happen on different events and believe I have found the cause on that. If it is the first secenario, I have no help for you


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