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Wear a swim cap full of coffee grounds for surgery?

A “granular jamming cap” filled with coffee grounds may improve the reliability of the sophisticated “GPS” system that surgeons use for nose and throat surgery, a new study suggests.

The grounds form a thin layer inside a stretchy silicone headpiece, which looks something like a black latex swim cap decorated with reflective dots. After the cap is on the patient’s head, it’s attached to a vacuum pump that sucks air out of the cap, jamming the tiny grounds together to form a rigid…


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Magma under volcanoes is like a leaky snow cone

Rather than bubbling lakes of molten rock, magma reservoirs under volcanoes are colder and more solid than previously thought, a new study suggests.

The research gives a new view of how volcanoes work, and could eventually help volcanologists get a better idea of when a volcano poses the most risk.

“Our concept of what a magma reservoir looks like has to change,” says Kari Cooper, professor of earth and physical sciences at the University of California, Davis, and corresponding…


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Stronger, lighter steel could soon end up in cars

A new method makes it possible to create high-strength, lightweight steel on an industrial scale, potentially making way for its use in vehicles.

Researchers have developed a new processing route which allows low density steel-based alloys to be produced with maximum strength, while remaining durable and flexible—something that has been largely impossible until now.

Vehicles made of stronger and lighter materials are safer for drivers, emit less CO2, and consume…


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Ultra-thin camera design doesn’t need a lens

Traditional cameras—even those on the thinnest of cell phones—cannot be truly flat due to their optics: lenses that require a certain shape and size in order to function.

A new camera design replaces the lenses with an ultra-thin optical phased array (OPA) that does computationally what lenses do using large pieces of glass: it manipulates incoming light to capture an image.

Lenses have a curve that bends the path of incoming light and focuses it onto a piece of film or, in the…


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Rethinking Chatbots: They're Not Just for Customers

Grabbing that morning Starbucks fix got a little easier this year, thanks to artificial intelligence. Starbucks launched a new feature in January that allows customers who own iPhones or Amazon Echos to  order their coffee through voice-activated assistance Depending which device they use, customers can also ask check their Starbucks account balances, inquire about seasonal specials and find out which baked treats are available at their local…


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6 Effective Entrepreneurial Solutions to Unemployment

Entrepreneurship and self-employment are a significant source of jobs and economic growth and are even more important in the context of the growth in unemployment, the displacement of many traditional jobs and new opportunities of doing business.

We need to find solutions to tackle unemployment and close the skills mismatch which needs to be shared, replicated and scaled to solve the employment and skills equation. Traditional education systems can be restructured to…


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Startup Looks to Boost VR Resolution by 70 Percent

The grainy resolution of curren virtual reality headsets -- even powerful ones like the Oculus Rift -- isn't likely to impress people used to watching an HDTV, let alone a 4K set.

To change that, a Finnish startup called Varjo is working on a new VR headset design that it says has a resolution 70 times greater than the Rift or the HTC Vive (pictured above). That kind of clarity, according to Varjo, will result in image quality that approaches the…


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Mobile App Myths: Do You Still Believe Them?

Any business or any industry, what you need for growth is no more a secret. The mobile app is the current success quotient and the future necessity for any business. The Ubiquitous use of a mobile device by people and their increasing love towards e-commerce and m-commerce has led the business tycoons at a stage where incorporating one for the business is fundamental.

When talking in terms of revenue figures, the mobile app development agency is expected to reach the bar…


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Giant ozone hole found above Arctic

Scientists have discovered a hole five times the size of Germany in the ozone layer above the Arctic, allowing harmful ultraviolet radiation to hit northern Canada, Europe and Russia this spring.

The 2 million square kilometre Arctic hole is similar to the hole over the Antarctic, researchers write in the journal Nature, released yesterday.

They say 80 per cent of the ozone was lost about 20km (13 miles) above the Arctic and that a prolonged spell of cold weather – when…


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Global warning: climate sceptics are winning the battle

Climate sceptics are winning the argument with the public over global warming, the world's most celebrated climate scientist, James Hansen of NASA, said in London yesterday.

It is happening even though climate science itself is becoming ever clearer in showing that the earth is in increasing danger from rising temperatures, said Dr Hansen, who heads NASA's Goddard Institute of Space Studies, and is widely thought of as "the father of global warming" – his dramatic alert about climate…


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YouTube sensation fuelling trade in an endangered species

They are the adorable, furry little creatures with the big round eyes who almost purr in delight as they are tickled into a stupor. They are also an endangered species whose stardom on YouTube is fuelling a trade built on cruelty and abuse.

The slow loris, a species of primate native to South-east Asia, rivals Justin Bieber as a viral internet sensation. A video of an animal being tickled has gained more than six million views. A new clip, posted this month, in which a loris clutches…


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Ladurée is Coming to Toronto

Macaron lovers, rejoice. The world’s favourite macaron maker, Ladurée, is finallysetting up shop here in Toronto, and we cannot wait.

Ever since Vancouver got first dibs on opening Canada’s first location back in March 2016, we here on the east coast (but mainly me) have been anxiously awaiting our very own French café here in T.O. Honestly, for a city that is inhabited by some of…


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Printing issue

Trying to solve a printing issue. When I try to publish and print my field events it is leaving a few events out of the print/publish.
I am running a grade 3-5 meet, I have seeded standing and running long jumps. Only standing long jump is found when I want to print, any ideas?

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Security and privacy in electronic healthcare systems

Information security and protection of privacy are some of the most important factors in the development of high-quality tools in the healthcare sector. If no attention is paid to these aspects, there is substantial risk that individuals may come to harm in healthcare situations. Leonardo Iwaya, PhD student in computer science at Karlstad University, explores ways of securing information and protecting privacy when using mobile applications in healthcare (mHealth).

"Mobile apps are…


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Internet of Things for 21st-Century Learners

In the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) era, defined by ubiquitous networks of interconnected and Internet-enabled objects, digital technology fluency is more valuable than ever. At the core of IoT are microcontrollers, sensors, actuators, and MEMS. Groundbreaking innovation requires an understanding of the concepts behind these devices. As Albrecht Schmidt argues in a 2016 …


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Full Results by Gender

I am probably just missing a simple button.  I am running a test meet with both boys and girls teams.  When I go to Publish to print results.  I notice that the scores are not identified by gender.  It has one set of scores labelled Varsity Team Scores and a 2nd set of scores labelled Varsity Team Scores.  I go into Advanced Settings to see if I need to enable a field or code and don't see where to do it.  I know how to just display boy results and girl results separately.  Ideally, it would…


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saving offline

Just installed 4.23  I am working offline and when I close a meet it asks me if I am sure because it has not saved yet. Is this the case? or is the referring to saved on milesplit?

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Wenn Sie sich auf Brautkleider Versuch

Wenn Sie , kaufen Sie sich eine Hochzeit Kleid möchten, ist das erste, was Sie tun sollten, um herauszufinden, wie viele Dinge, die Sie gehen zu verbringen auf , einschließlich Schleier , Schuhe, Unterwäsche und andere Verzierungen. Wenn Sie nicht vorhaben, Ihr Kleid angepasst , vergessen Sie nicht , die Sie benötigen , um Ihre Hochzeit Kleidung verändert hat und Geld braucht , auch.

Geld berechnet wird , sollten Sie überlegen, wo Sie Ihre Hochzeit sein wird . Es ist sehr wichtig… Continue

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Rokoko - Die Ära der Frauen

In Wenn es um die Kostüme geht, sind zwei Epochen immer in den Köpfen der Menschen . Dies ist das Zeitalter des Barock und Rokoko. Diese beiden Perioden großen Beitrag zu den Ansichten der Menschen auf die Mode als Ergebnis insbesondere des Rokoko gemacht . Es wird gesagt, dass der viktorianischen Ära die Ära der Frauen ist. mode-top Arten von Frauen romantische und luxuriöse brachte die Ära einer beispiellosen Phase . Obwohl es oft als eine Zeit großer…


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Wählen Sie Ihren Favoriten aus Weit reichten Wedding Dress Muster 2015

Einkaufen rund um für Hochzeitskleid Muster kann sicherlich als überwältigend zu beweisen, wie der Suche nach einem Kleid von der Stange. Es gibt eine Fülle von Dingen zu berücksichtigen, bei der Suche nach den erstklassigen Hochzeitskleid Muster im Hinblick auf als die atemberaubende und spektakuläre Braut auf den großen Tag erscheinen. Heute drängen sich neben der überwiegende die Hochzeitsplanung schlichte brautkleider ,Soll-Bräute sind… Continue

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