Release Notes 3.045

Released October 21, 2011




Or just skip ahead to 3.046 yourself: Download 3.046 - fixed four minor bugs

Why is this a turning point?

On the surface, this is not the biggest release we've ever done as far as new features. Behind the scenes though it is a huge upgrade.

To be clear, this is just the beginning. You will probably not be blown away by the cloud features as they currently are. This is just the first step toward unlocking the true vision of making RaceTab the interactive hub of meet management.

This update has two cloud features: live results and syncing with RaceTab Timer, our timing app for Android and soon iOS. Read more below.

We will be launching a whole suite of RaceTab Apps that will run on your devices and integrate with the MileSplit Cloud and RaceTab. These apps will cost money, unlike RaceTab itself. We think you will find their added time-saving convenience and interactivity well worth the cost. We also hope you'll keep in mind that we made RaceTab free and these add-on apps and services are what will allow us to keep doing what we're doing... developing free/affordable and innovative products for the sport.

Live Results

We have created an easy way to upload live results to the web in a manner that is friendly for mobile devices. Right now the features are fairly basic, but we will be updating them continuously... and to some extent we can do that without even updating RaceTab by updating the display in our "cloud".

Uploading of live results takes place one of two ways...

1) Preferred - If you download your meet from MileSplit when first setting it up, it will be linked to our cloud. This will give you a way to publish live results out of the box, without having to worry about what an FTP Server is. For meets that do this, their results will also be published on our new MileSplit Live portal (coming in a few days). That site will be mobile compatible and easily accessible (and easily announced or printed) at the URL

2) If you don't link your meet to MileSplit (or just prefer) you can provide your own FTP login information and we'll publish the data to your server.

RaceTab Timer

The RaceTab Timer app for Android is going to launch in the Android Market on October 22, 2011. We will soon thereafter launch it in the Amazon Appstore, so you can run it on your new $199 Amazon Kindle Fire.

The iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) version will launch by the New Year.

This app is a hand-held timer app where you can press the screen as people cross the finish line to get their times. After the event you can either email the file, download it to your computer via USB, or (if you linked the meet to MileSplit) simply "sync to racetab" and get those times into RaceTab seamlessly.

Other New Features

  • Sort athlete list reports by gender
  • Supports import of times from NK 2000 XC watch and its .nk2 file
  • When editing a group, you now have the option to assign everyone in that group to a given wave.
  • Live mobile-compatible results upload via FTP or MileSplit Live Results portal.

Edit Bibs Window

Totally re-did this window. The interface is overall cleaner. The scrolling is smooth now and not jerky. It now gives both audible and visible clues of both duplicates and when you enter a bib # that is not found. Shows the name of the athlete as you go through the list of bibs. Line number indication is also better.


Everyone wants settings to stick so going to try to cover RaceTab in syrup. These selections now stick:

  • Import Timing System File
  • All label printer settings

Reports and Variables

Working to standardize the variables used throughout in various reports. Had to change %gr for group to %gp since %gr is also grade. Adding link saying "Variables..." where appropriate to tell you what you can use.

Bug Fixes

  • In previous version, when you got to the end of the list of teams with the new next/previous buttons it would error. Now it will properly loop back around.
  • Though not necessarily a bug, the previous/next buttons ordered by id... which is kind of silly. Our users are way smarter than me. Now orders more appropriately by bib number or name.
  • Fixed a rounding issue that would sometimes result in times like 16:010 instead of 16:10... rounding UP to the next second first.
  • There was an error if you chose to print bar codes, but had not assigned bib numbers. Fixed.
  • Mile/K pace did not work if you did not have a number for the distance in the event name. In other words if you typed out "Three Mile Run" instead of "3 Mile Run" it did not correctly interpret the distance to show the pace (if you turned the pace column on). Fixed.

Minor Changes

  • Added print dialog when printing labels, rather than just printing, so you can print select pages.
  • Made performances with no time sort to the bottom instead of the top in results and on events tab
  • Behind the scenes... slowly transferring the API calls to version 2 and json instead of XML.

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