Release Notes 3.044

Released September 1, 2011


Minor Changes

  • Phasing out "Edit" links on forms to edit the list in a dropdown (for example divisions or groups) in favor of making the form field label itself a link... just one less thing to clutter the form with.
  • Updated customize report forms to be more consistent across the different types of reports.
  • Removed Export menu item from Events tab since it only had one option in the dropdown... moved it to the overall Export menu at the top to simplify Events Tab.
  • Added more tool tips to fields on event, team, athlete forms.

Minor Features

  • Updated "Groups" window to more consistent look and added "Create Defaults" button to add the default age groups for the type of meet, such as the common road race age groups.
  • Updated label printer to have options for barcode symbology. New default format is Code 128.
  • When downloading a meet from MileSplit, now hiding the "relay legs" checkbox if its not a track meet... just to simplify the interface since it's only applicable to track.
  • Added filter by team, separate by team, and/or sort by team to reports.
  • Added import classification option when importing from delimited file.
  • Added "random" as a sort order for athlete list and added a limit to the number to print on that report. This enabled me to add a new canned report for choosing random prize winners.
  • Added support for the DT800 Multilane Timer.
  • Allow time precision to be set to zero... so that seconds shows no decimals.
  • Export results to CSV from results report (so you get all the advanced customization options).
  • Underscore will be automatically replaced by a space in most text fields in edit/new athlete or team windows. This is at request of some people who use software stopwatches that use the spacebar to capture splits during the race.
  • When you type a number into the athlete filter box, it will understand that to be bib number and jump to that bib # on the list. Technically... it will do a >= filter on that number.

Bug Fixes

  • When downloading a meet from MileSplit, if you downloaded entries then added an event or other info then sometimes when you closed the meet and opened it back up, the changes would be undone. If you made those same changes after closing and re-opening the meet then you were fine. This has been fixed. Technical reason: Was not properly committing all transactions. So transaction was left open-ended.
  • If you entered something other than a number in the bib number cell of the Events tab then you got a long, nasty error message. Now made it properly tell you simply "Invalid bib number. Must be a number.".
  • When you saved a custom report, not all settings were being saved/recalled... added a lot more. Some may still be missing, let me know if you notice any.
  • Import RaceTab Timing Session and then clicking browse dumped you into the RaceTab/Meets folder initially instead of RaceTab/Timing Sessions. Fixed.
  • On pole vault if you typed 70600 for the height, it threw an error instead of converting it to 7-06.00
  • When importing from FinishLynx with bib number and time only (no athlete name or lane), it would only pull over the time and not the athlete.
  • Internal Hytek event code for steeplechase and marathon were flipped. (thanks for finding, Brian!)
  • Lots of small things.

Athlete Form Updates

  • Updated UI to be more attractive and hopefully better layout. Made the bib # box large and look like a physical bib number.
  • Added a bunch of new fields: email, coach, address, zip, country, phone, fax, entry note, exhibition.
  • When you change the bib number to one that has already been used, it will pop up a dialog that asks you if you want to open that athlete, re-use the number, or use a different number. This is an easy way to jump around to different athletes.
  • Added next and previous buttons.

Team Form Updates

  • Updated UI to be more consistent with this new update and hopefully more usable and attractive.
  • Added roster to edit team page.... view and double-click on athletes to open them.
  • Added next and previous buttons.

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