Release Notes 3.043

Released June 9, 2011


TFRRS Compatibility Confirmed

We have spent some time with the TFRRS manual and their support crew. Had to add some additional internals to get it to work, but our TFRRS CSV import/export is now confirmed to be working and valid.

Minor Fixes/Changes:

  • DirectAthletics apparently changed their import format and new extension as "TFX". I updated our dropdown to have an item for TFX and had to tweak the import routine. It was not pulling in the TFRRS ID#s with that format--technically speaking because they had one fewer field than we expected.
  • Fix stopwatch positioning - 3.042 has a bug in placement so you could not see the watch
  • Fix horizontal jumps wind issue when entering field series -- had to enter a wind reading or NWI to do horizontal jumps in 3.042.
  • Fixed rare bug with importing relay legs when downloading meet from MileSplit that caused it to stall.
  • Fixed an issue when there was prelims-semis-finals where when you went to seed the finals it would mark prelims incomplete and you'd have to go back and re-score those... which is obviously annoying. It was a SQL error that is now corrected.
  • Advanced > Mark All Events Complete/Incomplete changed this flag in heats and events, but not rounds.
  • If not home state or team was specified, it was defaulting the state to "FL"... now will be empty string.
  • In events wizard changed default gender name for college/community/adult/masters to men/women.
  • In events tab, right clicking on the header exposes seed times and exhibition fields, exhibition field when checked is now sticky immediately if you click score, etc. In 3.042 you had to hit enter to make it sticky.
  • Putting in a field mark and then erasing and leaving it blank resulted in a null value error.
  • When entering a field series, it was showing the wind column for throws. Now hidden.
  • When exporting to Hytek or TFRRS, it anticipated the event name being "100 Meter Dash" format and not an abbreviated form like "100m". While the full name is still preferred and recommended... have updated the script to recognize either form and be much more forgiving.
  • A double-quote in the entry note would not save... fixed.
  • Increased maximum # of lanes/positions to 60
  • In seeding window... double-click on a person/relay to scratch them. If they are already scratched it will move them to unassigned.
  • Added alley seeding
  • For track meets, when you score a heat it will now properly leave true ties alone. For cross country, it will continue to do what it has been doing and rank them based on the order they were input if the times are the same.
  • I hid the records menu (was just a placeholder) until I can get the functionality working.
  • Fixed %by variable (birth year) for results, performance list, and athlete list reports.
  • Added advanced %co (class of) and %gr (grade) recognition for athlete list report (was already on results and performance list reports) so that it can interpret grade vs. graduation year 4-digit vs. graduation year 2-digit.
  • Added %bd (birth date) variable to results, performance list, and athlete list reports.
  • Added relay legs to output to Hytek semi-colon delimited format
  • Import Entries from Delimited was calling the City/State fields Hometown/Homestate which caused them not to be imported. Fixed.

Minor New Features:

  • Export results to JSON format.
  • Import results from delimited file can now import wind readings.
  • Added Database Browser that allows you to view the raw data table-by-table. Good for debugging and advanced users. In the future could be expanded to do direct manipulation of the data and other things.
  • Improved wind textbox for sprints/hurdles.
  • On relay legs window, we have drag and drop to add athletes to legs. But I added double-click to add or remove legs also
  • Added "desktop alerts" which will pop up in the right bottom corner of the screen to let you know when RaceTab has done something of note... like has imported new results from the FAT Timing system. This will popup even if you're in a different program.
  • Added link to Preferences menu to restore lane preferences to defaults


  • Took out the Video timing stuff because it was not working very effectively and is not fully supported... and frankly I don't look to support and extend it for a while if ever. Will keep it in the code base for future implementation though.

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