Release Notes 3.042

Released on April 1, 2011

Download Note: the above link had a typo if downloaded before 7:47 EST on 4/1.

Simply re-download and install again if you got the early version.


Seeding Window Revamped

You've been demanding it for a long time. We have re-done the way seeding is handled. You'll still have the familiar interface as far as drag and drop and rules, etc. But now you'll be able to do multiple events at one time and other "power toys" to make seeding a snap. You'll especially love our filters and our auto-pilot mode.

RaceTab Talks!

We have made it so that RaceTab can respond to some voice commands and in some cases can talk back to you. This is potentially a huge feature or potentially a meaningless feature. I haven't figured it out yet, but we're going to try it out and see what you all think!

NOTE: I turned this off by default because it can get annoying if you don't want it. So you can enable it under Preferences.

Results Report Update

  • Redesigned layout to add tabs to separate out the less-used/more advanced features (less cluttered)
  • Added "Exclude Overall" for road races so you can print the age group results and leave out the overall top athletes.
  • Added column for pace per mile or pace per km
  • Added a column for wind
  • It will now print results when the round is complete... previously it would only print it once the entire event was complete.

Minor New Features

  • Import from delimited tab remembers your settings in "other options"
  • When you enter a field series, it will take the best throw or jump and set it as the result.
  • Added age and grade variables for labels.
  • Option to print english conversion for metric results... or vice versa.
  • Better integration with MileSplit.
  • There has always been a confusion about that you put DNF, DQ, SCR, etc. into the place field instead of the time field like people seem to want to do. I always contend that it makes more sense in the place field than time, but whatever! Well now we kind of help this a bit... if you type one of those things like "DNF" into the time, it will automatically move it over the place for you. We already did this when importing from FinishLynx.
  • We now support exhibition athletes on a per result basis. So someone could score in one event, but be exhibition in another. They will show on results but not score. Right click on results grid to show this column.
  • Field events with inches less than 10 will have the leading zero added and all (except long throws) have trailing decimals even if zero, for example 17-05.25 ... just for better readability and consistency.
  • Made seed column editable in results list. Right click to show seed column.
  • Seeding: Added option to assign lanes alphabetically by name.
  • Added option to separate rounds with multiple heats out, rather than being listed combined, in the results. I know the next request will be the option to print it both ways, but for now this is what you get!
  • Allows to to save your the font face and size that will be used to print... saves that setting.
  • Added ability to create blank new meet (with no events)
  • Better FAT System integration. It is overall now more resilient and flexible.
  • Added recording wind readings for each jump/throw where applicable. (and showing in results of course)
  • Added more hotkeys throughout the program.
  • Added filter on events tab to only show certain events
  • Downloads relay legs from MileSplit online registration

Other Fixes/Changes

  • Fixed bug with seeding second round when there are scratches
  • Now deletes file first when overwriting last meet. Before it kind of combined the data from both.
  • Took off the "beta" label
  • Encountered a Windows rounding error that would in some cases take a time entered as 8.3 and make it 8.31 (adding a mysterious one hundredth). Accounted for this Windows error and fixed it.
  • Some delimited files (with no gender column present) would import some or all females as males.
  • Age calculation from birthdate was sometimes a year off. It was calculating based on the entire year or something to that effect... it will now calculate correctly based on the starting date of the meet. Possibly in the future we will add a feature to be able to set the base date... would be easy to add that later.
  • Fixed "First Place, Then Time" advancement in upper rounds.
  • Fixed issues with automatic import of finish line photos from FinishLynx and with photo browser bugs in general.
  • It was showing the overall wind reading field for the entire flight for field events that need wind readings... where it really only should be recording it by each throw/jump.
  • When on a field event the "lane" column now says "pos".
  • Made UI more consistent.
  • Changed default print margins to .5 (left) and .75 (top)

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