Release Notes 3.041

Released October 30, 2010


This was a minor release mainly to add a feature that a dedicated user needed, but it packs a few bug fixes also.

New Features

  • Added the ability to print scorers and displacers with team scores. Before you could just print scorers.

Bug Fixes

  • Wave Timing: The preference to use "actual times" should mean clock time and unchecking it should mean chip time. In previous versions this was inadvertently and unintuitively switched in the results report. This has been fixed now so that the results will print as expected.
  • If you entered someone in an event in cross country ahead of time (which is not necessary but possible) but they didn't actually finish the race then it was still showing them in the results regardless if show non-finishers and non-starters was unchecked.
  • Variable for bib number was %bn on athlete list and results reports, but was %bib for the label printer. Made it %bn on all. Also added this value to performance list/heat sheet report.

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