Release Notes 3.040

Released October 20, 2010


This version was hurried out because 3.039 broke auto-complete on the events tab, which is why this is only one day after the last release. While I was at it, I fixed/added a few other non-critical things as well.

Mixed Gender Races "This Event Only"

This was still not working for mixed gender races. Fixed.

X-Note Stopwatch Preset

Tweaked the xNote Stopwatch import preset to match the format. It starts at row one and marks column two as the time/mark column. All other columns are ignored.

Results > This Event Only (for Mixed Gender Races) from Results Tab

Fixed so that this now works and auto-ads gender to the results output.

Clear Bib Numbers

Added new option under the clear button to clear out the athlete/team data and leave times.

Bug Fixes - Bugs introduced in last update

  • Oops... broke auto-complete on events tab in last release. Fixed.
  • If you did delimited file import, but had all columns ignored it threw a nasty error. Now just says "Nothing imported."

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