Release Notes 3.039

Released October 19, 2010


Label Printing

It was working about half the time (maybe less haha). There was a bug where it was trying to divide by zero... anyway... the details are not important. It's fixed now.

Printing Bib # on Results

Added %bn variable to print bib # on results in athlete name, group, or grade/year column.

Print "This Event Only" Bug

Sometimes this option worked and other times not... fixed.

Assigning Bib Numbers by Team

When trying to assign a custom bib number range to a certain team, it would clear the bib numbers of other teams. Fixed.

Importing Times from RaceTab Timing Session

I updated this window to be more flexible/powerful. Added the ability to export a saved timing session to a file from there. Added the ability to import from timing session there as well (as an alternative). Fixed an import bug that sometimes resulted in no times importing. Added notification if timing file contains no files.

"Bibs" button on Events tab

No one has mentioned before that all of these options say "not yet implemented"! Just noticed... now functional.

  • Export Bib #s: save file with list of bib numbers in current event (one per line)
  • Import Bib #s: import bib #s saved in to a text file, one bib per line.
  • Edit Bib #s: allows you to enter or edit the bib #s in current event.

Printing Grade from Graduation Year

When you entered the graduation year for the grade box and wanted to print the grade as a numeric number grade (9, 10, 11, 12) it was doing the math wrong in some cases and printing the wrong grade. Fixed.

More Edit in Place

One of the biggest things that people love about RaceTab is that you can edit the results in the Events tab in the grid and how smart it all is. But in the other tabs you can't do the same. We're starting to change that in this version. Edit athlete name, bib number and grade... and team name and abbreviation in place.

Minor Stuff

  • Changed "Athlete List, One Team Per Page" report to default sort athletes by bib # instead of name.
  • Added grade/year column to athletes tab
  • On Events tab, Import Times from RaceTab Timing Session (previously saved session) imported things fine, but it "white screened" the tab... you had to leave the tab and go back. Fixed.
  • Added option to import from Xnote Stopwatch software (added drop down, but not correctly assigning columns yet -- will get in next release)
  • Added always on top option to stopwatch
  • Fixed spelling error of "Athletes" on one of the report links on Publish tab.
  • Cross country results would always print to two decimals, even if you set time precision to one. Fixed.
  • Increased range for "double dual" button to show in leagues window from 8 to 15. I really don't want to increase it from here. It's theoretically possible to have this be unlimited, but I really don't want to help you shoot yourself in the foot.
  • When printing results for "This Event Only" on Events tab, if it is a mixed gender race it will add the gender column by default.
  • When closing meet (not exiting program) fixed confirm dialog to ask you that instead of acting like you're actually exiting the program.

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