Release Notes 3.038

Released September 15, 2010


There were a lot of little fixes and a couple of major ones. I'll try to remember them all and update this change log as best as possible later (no promises), but I'm too busy right now to document all of the changes.

Here are the ones I remember...

Auto-Update Check Broken!! ... now fixed

This one really stinks, but there was some sort of issue that broke the auto-update in the last version. So unfortunately that means people won't necessarily know about the new updates that are coming out. Hopefully they check... spread the word. This is related to the next one...

Communication with MileSplit Broken... now fixed

We upgraded to a new server at MileSplit... which at first I thought was related to this, but on inspecting it it doesn't seem so. So I still have no idea why this broke! This is pretty technical, so if you don't care then skip the next paragraph.

The communication with MileSplit servers was still happening and it was downloading the proper XML response from our API. I confirmed this in debug mode. The XML string was valid and all the content there. However, for some reason the XPath that I have been using for years now suddenly did not work. The same XPath and the same XML!!! The solution was that I had to alter my XPath and specifically define my default namespace with .NET's NamespaceManager. I am totally clueless why this would work fine and then suddenly stop when, again, I confirmed the XML was accurate. It's possible that Microsoft pushed out a .NET Framework update that broke it... that's about the only thing I can think of.

Oh well, fixed now.

Athlete Grade wasn't saving

I guess no one ever noticed this but it was pointed out to me that the grade was not saving when you edited the athlete... fixed.

Results Issues

There were a few random, mostly minor issues with exporting results that have been fixed. Just formatting things.

Import Issue

In certain instances when importing results from a delimited file it would import all athletes as male. This didn't have a big impact on anything since the results still printed properly.

Create Event Error

There were some "random" errors when editing/creating an event with certain configurations. If you clicked "Continue" it would usually still work fine, but none the less it was an annoying and critical update.

Events Window

Made a few additional changes to this window like better customizing the event dropdown for cross country meets to show only relevant events that are typically run in cross country. Remember you can always manually type in your own event name if it's not in the dropdown.

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