Release Notes 3.037

Released September 2, 2010


Athletes Report Fixes

  • In last update added separate by wave option... but the label for that option said "Group" (there were two group options). Changed the second one to say Wave as it should have.
  • If you did a "Separate by group" (or league or wave) report but there were no groups in the meet, it would print nothing. Now if there are no groups (or leagues or waves) it will just print the entire list it would normally.

Athlete Form Usability Improvements

  • Fixed mucked up tabbing order.
  • Made it where when you tab to age or grade fields it will automatically highlight the text so you can just type over it without backspacing. Should I make this the default behavior for every text field?

Label Printing

  • Added gender variable
  • Fixed sorting by team or bib number

Import from Delimited File

  • Added "delete after this line" option when right click on selected row
  • Added "undo" button to undo ONE find/replace or delete operation

Results Report

  • Fixed "bonus info" (Team Average, Team Total, 1-5 Split) and made it on by default since most people want it

Automatically add to groups

  • When you create a new age group if there are athletes already in the database in that age bracket it will ask you if you want to add them to the group. This makes it much easier if you decide you want to add the groups after you already have the athletes in there.

Double Duals

Added "Double Duals" button on leagues menu when there are between 3 and 8 teams in the meet it will appear. Clicking it will automatically create the necessarily leagues to score the meet as a "double-dual".

Athlete Export List to File Bug

If your meet name had a / in it then it was making an invalid file name error when you tried to export. Fixed this by stripping out the / from the file name (not allowed in Windows).

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