Release notes 3.036

Released June 18, 2010


Hytek Semicolon Delimited

Non-standard forms of this import that did not have all required fields were failing to import. Made RaceTab more flexible and checked for what fields were present, rather than assuming all fields were always present.

Import from Delimited File Overhaul

Really shook up this interface and made it a lot more powerful. It's really almost night and day. Took most of the transformation tools off of the Edit Source page and moved them onto the main page and extended them greatly. Now supports regular expressions. Really there is too much to explain here... will have to do it in the documentation.

Genericized FAT Import

We are working to support more FAT Systems... most of which actually use the standard format that FinishLynx pioneered. However, to be more generic and not confuse users of other systems, we have changed the "Lynx" button on the Events tab by results to a "Get Times" button. This is the same terminology used by Hytek so it should further make it easier for people to understand who are moving from that system.

You'll see this same concept throughout... where we have removed being specific to "Lynx" from the menus. When you enable the interface with your FAT System you will now choose your brand. This is mostly just for the "comfort" level of not making someone using Eagle Eye choose "FinishLynx"... the end user may not be aware they are the same, so this will make it a little easier out of the gate without explanation of that point.

However, there are a few customizations that this decision allows:

  • From a UI perspective we'll use the appropriate logo
  • For systems other than Lynx (which has the FieldLynx product) we will completely hide the field events options from the interface... and not write out this information to EVT and SCH files
  • FT-FAT does not use AFL files... so we won't bother writing those out if using that system

Fixed Lynx/FAT Bug

Was not writing out PPL file automatically. Fixed.

Minor Bug: Divisions Changing from English to Metric

Becca Gillespy of Pole Vault Power reported that when you had a division and events first created as English and then go into the division and change it to Metric... it asks you if you want to change all of the events and if you say yes you got an error. This error was when trying to convert seed marks to metric... fixed in new update.

Athletes Report

Separate athletes report by group or league was not working (just kept them all together). So I fixed that and while I was add it added the separate by wave feature as well... which I could imagine would be helpful for some road races.

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