Release Notes 3.034

Release June 9, 2010

This is the second update of the day, so the big stuff was in the release notes for 3.033. Here are the minor updates...

  • When importing a meet from MileSplit, it was importing the hometown and the homestate transposed.
  • Added ability to print hometown and homestate on performance list report.
  • Added auto-detecting of the "year" field for an athlete. So if it is "12" it knows it's the grade and "2012" it knows it is a graduation year or "18" it will assume it is 2018 graduation year. It will do automatic adjustments based on this when printing out reports. I added the variable %co to the year format... so if it is %gr it will made any adjustments to print the numeric grade and if it's %co then it will adjust to print the four-digit graduation year.

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