Release Notes 3.033

Released June 9, 2010

Waves Introduced Issue

Last update was just a couple of days ago and we introduced better wave support. Well that introduced the problem that it REQUIRED athletes to be in a wave for XC and Road races. So this is fixed in this update to get around that. Oops! But hey at least we respond quickly to bug fixes!

Serial Port Enhancements

Old timing systems that use serial ports, we have improved the interface. Put the com port settings on the same page as the data capture so that you don't have to jump to another window. Added the option to send commands. Right now this only supports Sprint 8, but I invite others to let me know what is needed for those other systems.

The Start button on Sprint 8 will send the start command that it requires to tell Sprint 8 to start sending data. Will add any others that are needed.... let me know. I don't have any of these timing systems or a computer with a serial port... so I can't test it!

Redesigned Publish Tab

Make the reports link that you can click on... rather than selecting the radio button and then clicking View. Saves one step and makes it more obvious. Also on the right-hand side added a menu that will list your custom reports. So you can generate a report, customize it, save that... and then next time you can recall that custom report with one click.


  • Fixed bug that changing the chip setting on setup tab would not save.
  • Fixed some potential import bugs that were caused by quotes in names
  • Updated help menu to have "User Guide" link leading to this site
  • Updated about menu to have link to RaceTab Web Site go to this site.
  • Added *.txt import to IPICO Log File options (before it was just *.log)

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