Release Notes 3.031

Released June 6, 2010

More Wave Support Fixes

  • Fixed customize window so that you can choose to print results from a single wave only
  • When you edited an athlete it wasn't properly recalling the wave, so it looked like it didn't save it (it did). Fixed.

Hytek Import Issues

  • If you had a trailing space on the end of the team name in Hytek, when imported that would cause the athletes to not me matched with that team. Fixed.

Additional Team Score Options

Rather than just having the ability to show or hide... adding the ability to do overall by gender (multiple divisions, same gender) or overall combined (boys and girls added together).

New Report Options/Changes

  • Added report to print Performance List by Team... and separating the performance list report by team. You can right click on a team from the teams tab and print a report of their entries also.
  • Removed print margin and orientation settings from customize menus because you can set this in printer options and that is a more appropriate place.

AP Style Results Printing

Made a lot of adjustments and options for how you want AP Style results to print... hopefully can make newspapers more happy who have their own specific format.


  • Added some catches to make less "hard errors" when importing from delimited file when things are not formatted correctly. Need to add more smart error catching to tell you what's wrong more specifically.

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