Release Notes 3.030

Released May 18, 2010.

Hand-Timed Ties

When you enter hand times you may put in 10.63 and 10.68 for the times. When the results are output, it should list 10.7h for both, but should still use the .63 and .68 to break the tie. Previous versions were printing them out in the right order but considering them tied since they both were 10.7h. This has been fixed and it will look at the actual time regardless of what prints. This should also be the case if you do a time to the thousandth of a second. It will use that to break the tie even if it will just print two decimals.

Field Relay Ties

Properly recognizes and scores teams that have the same collective distance and splits their points and prints them as tied.

Time to Thousanth.. Round up

When time was reported to three decimals but we were printing two decimals, RaceTab was simply rounding to two decimals. It needs to instead round up. So 10.631 reported to two decimals is 10.64... before it showed it as 10.63

Better Support for Groups, Age, and Birthdate

Added "Age", "Group", and "Birthdate" options for delimited file import for entries, rosters, and results. When importing Group should be the complete name of the group, age should be a whole number, and birthdate should be a full date preferably in YYYY-MM-DD format.

If no age is supplied when importing, it will calculate the age from the birthrate (relative to the start date of the meet). If no group is supplied it will attempt to calculate the group based on the age.

Also if you are manually entering this data on the athlete window then it will do the same calculations for you.

I realize that I will probably need to introduce additional age calculation options such as setting a custom calculation date that is different from the meet date.

Better Support for Waves

Added wave # as an import option from delimited file. Added option on first tab to use actual time or adjusted time. Actual time would be the clock finish time (ignoring waves or other start time offsets), where as adjusted time will subtract the wave or start time offset.

So the time listed on the Events tab should always be the FINISH CLOCK time. And RaceTab will adjust when you export the results.

Note: I have the mechanism built in for "chip time" as in when you cross the start line... and offsetting your time/place for that. But I have not put this in the user interface yet to set this... but just mentioning, that ability is in the plans and the database and underlying code is ready for it once I put in the UI.

Right-Click Menu to Show Additional Columns

Added right-click menu that will allow you to show additional columns on some grids.

More Advanced RTQL Export Options

Added ability to export entire meet in RTQL format or just certain types of data. This will be more important in the future. I will be adding additional options such as exporting the top # of athletes from the results... this will then be able to be imported into another meet. For example, where there are qualifying meets like regional/section championships you'd get the exports from the qualifying meets and import them into the championship meet. This is not in this version, but I laid the foundation for it.

Minor Updates

- Added the ability to change the default location for meets, exports, and templates folders. - Added right-click option to remove recent meet from list on opening screen - Added right-click option to clear recently opened meets list entirely - If you try to open a meet from the recent list that is not there, it will ask you if you want to remove it from the list. Don't want to automatically remove these because they could be on a thumb drive or something that is just not currently plugged in... but you want to keep it on the list. - Added "Events Scored" count to the team scores results output - If two teams team scores were tied it would print one in first and one in second... instead of both in first. Fixed. - Added rounding of points on team scores to two decimals. - When you click "Print" button to print a report it will ask you what printer you want, rather than just printing to the default printer - Various printing/report fixes - Added report to print heat sheets without seed times - Hytek export printed "12:00:00 AM" for the birthdate field if no birthdate was set for the athelte, changed this to print an empty string. - Program called "ftFAT" that imitates FinishLynx had a minor difference that caused RaceTab to not work with it. Changed RaceTab to ignore the difference and import anyway. - If you are printing results for one event with team scores then it will now calculate team scores for all events and print that... rather than just printing the team scores for that one event. - Fixed security bug with trying to download entries that aren't yours.

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