RaceTab 3.053 Release Notes

Released June 20, 2012

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Updated just a day after 3.052 ... mainly a bug fix update for that version.

Bug Fixes

  • As might be expected with a first release of a new feature, the records were a little buggy with the event codes. This has been fixed and, while it doesn't have an auto complete or dropdown on the event codes, it will be forgiving for common formats and auto-correct it

New Features

  • Added option in the preferences to completely clear all form data when "save and add new" athlete. By default it just clears some of the data to try to save you from re-entering some information that might be the same both times.
  • Added "Insert Random Names" on events tab. Just right click on the results and tell it how many and it will insert random names of famous people. You can choose in the preferences between Random Celebrities, US Presidents, or Simpsons Characters. :-)
  • Made records input smart... fixes mistyped event codes and will automatically guess which gender you want to enter. Idea is to save you keystrokes.





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