Leagues are a way to group teams. A team may be in as many leagues as apply. There is no limit.

A league could be something like NCAA Division 1 and NCAA Division 2, so that you could split out those results for different teams in the same event. It could also be used for a situation where you were running two meets in one... so say you had the city championship and the county championship and ran it all in one race. You would put the teams within the city into both the county and city league... and the ones outside of the city limits would only be in the county league. Then in the final results you could split them up.

Using Leagues for Double Duals

If you have between 3 and 15 teams in your meet, and you go to the window to edit leagues you will see a "Double Duals" button. This will automate creating the leagues for you to do a double-dual meet.

Here's how it works...

For a meet with Team A, Team B, Team C. To do a double-dual you will just create three leagues (again the "Double Duals" button can automate this for you):

  • Team A vs. Team B
  • Team A vs. Team C
  • Team B vs. Team C

Create those leagues and then put the teams into the leagues. Then conduct the meet as normal. When you do results, you can use the option to separate the results out by league to see each dual meet.

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