A group is a way to classify athletes. This is typically used for age groups, but it could have other purposes as well. You can have athletes of various age groups running in the same event. By having those athletes put into a group, you could later separate those results out by age group or just print the age group on the results. Athletes may be in only one group (don't have to be in one though).

You can set the age minimum and maximum. This will help with auto-classifying athletes when input by birthdate/age or when importing. It will not prevent you from putting the athlete in a different group.

Results Extract by Age Group

If you just go to results, you will have a complete running order of finish; however you no doubt wish to have results by age group.

When you have the results report up, just click the Customize button. In the customize window, look for the dropdown menu that says "Separate By" and select "Group". Next in the Gender setting select only male or only female. Now click Done.

Then save that customization so that you can re-use it. Then save the opposite gender as a customization as well.

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