What are divisions?

Divisions are a means to group events. Every event MUST be in a division, so your meet must have at least one. This is generally something like Varsity, Open, Community, or JV. If you have separate events by age group then it might be Bantam, Midget, Masters, etc. In some meets there might be a Open, Invitational, or Elite races that might be put into separate divisions.

When doing a track meet, division will determine the team scores. In other words, it will by default set one set of team scores per division.

Divisions Window

This is pretty straight-forward. You can edit divisions from a number of places... generally either from the Divisions button on the Setup Tab or from the link when adding or editing an event.

The window has Add, Remove, and Edit links whose names are self-explanatory.

Fields on Add/Edit Division Window

  • Name: Exactly what you might think, the name of the division.
  • Event Terminology: This is how RaceTab will refer to people in this division. It is mainly to determine whether you want to call them boys or men, girls or women, mixed or co-ed, etc.
  • Age Limitations: If this division has a limited age range, set those barriers here.
  • Rules: This sets some defaults and rules.
    • Metric Field Events by Default - Currently the only rule is a default setting for whether field events are metric or english in this division. For example if you have a meet with a college and high school divisions you may want the high school to use English and college to use metric.


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