3.052 Release Notes

Released June 19, 2012

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Records Support Added

  • Add an unlimited number of records with custom abbreviation/symbols to designate.
  • Easily list multiple record winners when there is a tie.
  • Advanced filters for record winners, so that for example you can say it only applies to sophomores for a Sophomore Record... so then in the results it won't seem indicate that a junior gets that record. Or set it to a certain team for team records, etc.
  • Import/Export records to/from RTQL format to move between meets

Bug Fixes

  • In some cases the team scores were not printing the division name... were just saying "Team Scores" so you had to figure out what gender or whatever. Fixed.
  • The # of events scored in Team Scores was not always accurate. Fixed
  • Fixed age group default name: Young Men, Young Women. (instead of "boys" and "girls" like the other youth age groups).
  • Tightened some of the default events created for AAU and USATF age group meets to better meet the norms.
  • "Group" field was inadvertently being hidden from edit athlete window for track meets.

Other Changes

  • Changed the results format slightly to use === as the first divider under the event name, but ----- as the divider under the records and column headers.
  • Adds default age group ranges for standard AAU and USATF meets.

Comment by Don Passenger MichianaTiming.com on June 18, 2012 at 6:51am

Truly an exciting release!  

Other things for the big list:

*Allowing me to pick my own advancement formulas so that I can generate advancers by any combination of place and time. 

*Fix delimited results for correct placement information to be included.

*Allow me to export entries and include athletes with not event (currently not included).

*Create a setting for the European decimal (comma).

What else is on your future release list?  Is there such a list somewhere?

This is a great program and I thank you for all of your hard work.

Comment by Kevin Behmer, A2 Race Management on June 18, 2012 at 8:42am



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