3.05 Release Notes

Released April 8, 2012

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This is a relatively minor release, unless of course it fixes a bug you need!! Just trying to get updates out the door more quickly since my time is limited lately.


  • "Scorers Per Team" override option in each event.
  • Added * as a scoring indicator for athletes in a field relay.
  • Add relay legs by typing name/bib # with auto-complete on relay leg window
  • For road race results, changed default "Complete Results (Columns)" to show M/F instead of MALE/FEMALE for the Group column... allowing the gender and age to fit into that column by default.
  • Before the user name for MileSplit login was case sensitive, causing some people confusion when their login was rejected. We will now automatically correct your user name for you if you don't capitalize it the same as you did when you registered.

Bug Fixes:

  • Printing/exporting customized CSV-formatted results, the relay results did not properly display. They were showing %fn %ln instead.
  • Fixed a few formatting issues with Hytek semi-colon delimited export. A few more remain to get it perfect, but not high enough on priority list right now.
  • Wind reading on a heat did not "commit" properly until you changed to a different event and then came back. Fixed.
  • On delimited file import, we were not properly honoring the "double space to tab" and "strip quotes" settings.
  • Long story short... when an athlete had the first name "Infinity" it bombed out because RaceTab thought it was a number and couldn't save it to the database. Fixed!!
  • On screen where you enter who you are, made the tab order correct so it doesn't illogically "jump around" when you tab from field to field.
  • Made the folder icon a "browse" button since when you first install RaceTab there is no way to browse (with no recent meets). May need to detect this and add the button also to be more clear.

Not yet fixed but on the agenda:

  • Seeding field relays is showing the team names instead of the athlete names.

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