3.047 Release Notes

Download - Released March 15, 2012

Whoa! This looks different!

Please forgive the fact that this update is in a transitional change. We are in the process of totally re-imagining our design and you will notice HUGE changes in future updates. You'll have to trust us on the direction we are going. This update is just a minor step in that direction. The opening screens are very distinct... the main screens once you get into the meet are the same (for now).

Seeding by Team Lane Preferences

This was highly (and loudly, and repetitively) requested. Under the team window, you can now assign each team to specific lanes. Then under the seeding window you can say to assign lanes by those team settings. So then athletes from that team will always be in that given lane or lanes. Commonly referred to as odd/even lane assignment used in Dual, Double Dual and Quad meets.

There are some bugs in this with the current beta... and it currently applies to all heats in the round, not just the fast one or other preferences we might need to add. I am actively working on having you have an option for strict assignment by lane (so if Team A is missing a runner in that heat the lane is empty) or with fill-in so that the lane is filled with the next best runner available if Team A is short a runner.

View Entries in All Heats

Previously, you had to view each heat individually. And you could also not easily access and edit en masse all entered athletes before the round was seeded. Now you can. On the heat selector at the top of the event window, if you click previous when on heat 1 it will go to "All Heats" and likewise if you go next heat when it's already on the last heat, it will go to "All Heats".

This will make it list out all entries (seeded or not) and you can manually set the heat and lane or seed time right there if you like. I think this will be pretty huge. You can sort by name, lane, etc. Remember that you can right click in that window and add the seed column if you wish to enter seed times/marks.

New JSON Format

I changed the JSON format in this update and it is now incompatible with previous ones. The new format is much more compact... as much as 60% smaller file sizes. That should make quicker uploads and use less memory... this will be important for big meets.

This also changed some of the live results stuff. And that feature continues to evolve and improve.

Team scoring hopefully will be added to live results before I make this beta live. The capability is there in this update if nothing else.

Snowshoe Season

Added support for snowshoe racing. May need further tweaks. And there are all kinds of crazy variations of team scoring in snowshoe. Right now I only have one in there... and plus some just use cross country scoring.

New Features

  • Add Heat button on Events tab.
  • Added "Score All" option under Advanced menu
  • Added new variables for results and performance list reports.
  • Added support for lanes/alleys. The grid on results, teams, and athlete tabs will all show the Lane/Alley combination now.

Bug Fixes

  • Seeding with alleys was introduced last update and was just not working, right... fixed.
  • Logging into MileSplit if your user name had capital letters in it was broken, now fixed.


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