Using the latest version 4.23 of Racetab and timed a small xc meet using the stopwatch feature.  Lots of really slow response time and Racetab not responding messages with the blue wheel spinning.  Also would not apply times to the current event when I tried to move them over.  I had to manually type in each time.  

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Same issue for us on Saturday. Not impressive and worst of all, when it was spinning it would not accept a time! Thankfully we had backup in place on the timer.

I unistalled 4.23 and re-downloaded 4.22.  Previously 4.22 has also been slow to respond but hasn't blanked out on me.  Have you found a version that's been more reliable?  

We continue to use 3.93. Saturday we had rolled forward ... mistake unfortunately. Of course we had other systems in place to cover the glitch, thankfully. To be clear, I love RaceTab, but in trying to be connected (I assume) performance has declined, especially for larger meets.

Exact same issue for me Saturday too.  Was using stopwatch feature and it did not apply to current event or save times.  I had to manually type them in from backup video.

I tested this using 4.23 and had no problem. There was a slight delay and you must hit the Refresh button to get the times to appear.

I timed a meet yesterday and had the same problems.  I could not get get the stopwatch feature to send the times to the race without switching from one race to another. When I timed the second race the times for that race were sent to the first race overwriting the girl's times with the boy's times.  I had to hand enter the times for both races!

After reading this discussion I did a test meet and used the refresh button which sent the times to the first race but when I ran a second race the refresh button would not send the times to that race.

Don, I was checking to see if you all still use the 3.93 or found another solid version? Gearing up to time outdoor track and still struggled with the spinning blue wheel delays on screen changes, scoring etc. to the point it became nearly unusable at a meet.

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