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Every time I close out Race Tab I have to sign back in to my account.   Then when I go out to the track I have no internet connection and I cannot sign in. Is there a way I can sign in once.

Problem 2:

I have 3 computers networked to share Race Tab and Finish Lynx.  I can only be logged into Race Tab on one computer at a time.  The other computers will not log on or will freeze up.

John...are your computers 'mapped'? If you are just networking them it won't work. You need to Map them. Pretty easy to do.

On the other hand, we have also experienced some freezing and crashing with multiple cpus on RT at the same time.

You should only have to sign in the FIRST time you use RaceTab and after that you should not need to. I would imagine if you have to sign in every time that might mean RaceTab is having trouble writing to the settings file where it would store the login... which could also be causing you other problems.

Is this a school issued computer? We seem to have a lot of issues with school issued computers due to odd security and network configurations they seem to have.

Yes it is a school computer. Last year I didn't have any of the issues. Is there a way that I can fix this problem by turning off any of the settings?   I am also having trouble downloading last years Junior High Invitational. I want to set up a meet to go over seeding and show some others how to use Race Tab and Finish Lynx.  When I try and down load the meet I get a message that pops up saying Bad Credentials. 

Once you login, at the bottom of the screen you can click "Edit Preferences".  Within that screen the first option is "Default File/Folder Location" and you can change that folder to something else. My default it is set to Documents/RaceTab but sometimes schools map "My Documents" to some network drive and it causes issues. So you can move that to some other folder on your computer... maybe create C:\RaceTab folder or something.

I have it mapped to a shared folder so that I can access the meet on other more than one computer when running a meet and I still  have the issue. 

Is there anything else I can do to correct the problem?

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