This was a huge selling point of RaceTab for us - we'd just refer coaches athletes parents to the Live Results URL for the meet and not even bother with printed results.

Setting up for first meet of indoor season and when I clicked on the link

Live Results Link

got just an Error 404 Page Not Found message.

What's up?

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Jim, I just saw this. Live Results is still an option. Sometimes the server needs to be rebooted.

if you test it now, I just asked them to reboot. And let me know if you are having a problem, I can see if anyone is available to do it. It would need to be a direct email to me though - 

I think I see the problem - it's in the URL generated by RaceTab

For our meet last week, RaceTab shows the following as the Live Results URL:

which ends in a 404 Page Not Found error.

But the results were in fact being posted at

Looking at the 2 URLs, it seems that "Web/Timetable.php" needs to be
replaced with "events"

Sounds like an easy fix for Jason.

Hey Guys... yeah long story short is that we re-did our Live Results on the site a few months ago. And the URL path changed. So if you go to

you should be able to find your meet once results have been posted. Shortly also the main meet page on MileSplit should have a green button that says "live results" linking to it.

The problem is that RaceTab hasn't been updated since last May, so it still points you (incorrectly) to the wrong URL.

Tried to use the milesplit live tonight at my meet and it didn't work. I could go to the site and the meet was there but no results. Help please, would really like to use this.

It should be working now

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