Yay! On June 1 my good friend (and talented developer) Alan Szlosek is coming back to work for FloSports on the MileSplit product team with me after a two year stint with DeviantArt. I am very excited. (We're also hiring more developers if you know anyone interested)

It also means I will have some more time freed up to move back to the RaceTab project, which is finally rising up the priority ladder of importance. So we have some plans to give RaceTab some much needed T-L-C. The immediate plans for the summer include direct TFRRS support, improved integration with IPICO (then ChronoTrack and MyLaps), and try to finish building out our support for splits, split scoring, and improved live results.

Now that's a lot on the plate already, but I'm curious... besides those things, what features or improvements would you most like to see baked into an upcoming version?

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I'd like to have better "fieldLynx" intigration, or an Android field events app.

All of that sounds great.  I'd love to see some work done to the field results series.  Currently I believe you have to enter the field result series individually for each athlete.  It would be nice if it could be done all on one screen.  Maybe 8 columns for horizontal jumps/throws with Athlete-School-and 6 places for mark. 

Nice suggestion, AJ. Cody Branch joined FloSports in January and he has suggested the same basic thing. We'll definitely put that on the list to make field series input more efficient. Plus, as John said, I really want to get field apps created.

I'd like to see a condensed Team Scores report - just "After 10 events scored: Wilton37 - Darien 48; Wilton 49, New Canaan 29; Darien 60, New Canaan 31" Currently there are huge blank spaces between team scores.and during a meet it's the one question coaches ask me most.

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