What can I do to upgrade my computer to play better games?

Good morning all, 

So I've recently bought my first gaming computer offline and I'll admit, I'm not the best with the nity-gritty stuff behind the scenes in computers. So, I was wondering if anyone can help me and mention some things I could upgrade to make my computer run games smoother and faster. See, the specs I have on my computer run some games extremely well like Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Borderlands 2 which runs flawlessly or pretty good and looks gorgeous or at least decent, but then other games like Subnautica or Dead Rising 2 are extremely laggy and don't have a very good frame rate at all. 

I'm willing to spend a few hundred dollars upgrading whatever ya'll suggest, but thanks again ahead of time for the suggestions!

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References https://www.computerforum.com/threads/what-can-i-do-to-upgrade-my-c...

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