I am interested in learning more about how to setup "wave start" timing w/o the use of chips....so manual wave start timing.

possible scenario: 10k with 3-4 waves of 50 runners on narrow trail. how do I set it up after I navigate to the "wave setup" option and then how do I get results, etc.....

I have been using Race Tab for 5 years now w/o incident......I still use 3.97 and would like to continue using 3.97 if possible.



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It works great. I use it in XC when there is a second wave (sometimes for a second grade level or other gender). Under settings there is a place to say use wave offsets, or not and then set up your waves and set the offset times. I too use an older copy. I found some of the newer copies would hang up.

Hi Don,

thanks for replying....unfortunately I do not have a "settings" tab......there is a clickable "wave" tab though.  If I click on the "wave setup" tab....the what do it do?  and what does "offset" time" exactly mean?.......

thanks again.


Hi Don........I actually just watched Jason's Tutorial on wave timing and it was very helpful and all makes sense now........thank you again for diving into my initial question.



One thing to watch is that the wave offset can be universal. We run a coed novice meet at most HS meets, with the girls starting slightly behind the boys. But if you make the Female offset, say, 3 minutes, it will also shave 3 minutes from the girls times in every event, even if they ran by themselves.

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