I am hosting a small XC meet (less than 100 per race) and planned on using the Stopwatch feature to time the race.  I was also going to scan the bib numbers in the chute.  Whenever I input the bib numbers (manually or by scanning) the stopwatch goes out of focus and doesn't record the next finishers.  I have used this technique with other race software (AppleRaceberryJam) and it worked for us.  Can I do both at once, or do I need to wait and do one then the other?

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One then the other. We don't use the on-board timer though it is great because it is too easy to be out of focus. We use a third party software that works out of focus.

an other possibility is to network a second computer with a cross over cable. one computer scaning bibs second taking times. old net book will do the job of scaning. good computer the timing.

You don't need cross overs typically any more. Win7 plus auto switches, but I'd use a network switch or wireless connection if I did that.

You can also use our bib number web app on our phone or other mobile device. There is a video showing this.

Bib Number Web App?  I don't think I know about that?  I just found the link to the video tutorial but where do we find the actual Bibinator (sic) app?

You will pull up "Bibinator" on your phone. There is a video about web apps in general. But basically if you go to the top menu and click on "App Server" (maybe I should rename it just "Apps") it will tell you the URL. And has an email link so you can email people on your staff who will use it.

Basically... you connect to the same WiFi network with your phone, tablet, computer or other device with a web browser in it. And then you go to that URL and it will give you a menu with the available apps... one of those says "bib numbers".

So that's how you get to "Bibinator"

Here is the video showing this:


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