I have been trying to get race results to upload to Athletic.net, but have been having some issues.  I am running 4.23, and when I watched the Youtube video on uploading results to athletic.net, it appears to be an older version.  Can anyone help me export the proper file for easy upload??  Thanks in advance.

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athletic.net requires you to copy entire meet results and paste into a window when using racetab.

Curious if the two of us were both doing something wrong in RaceTab when exporting. I kept trying to do csv semi-colon export as well but anet kept saying no results found.

I finally did what AJ suggested and from the publish screen in RaceTab, copied the results and then pasted into anet. Anet finally accepted the results and was able to "parse" them.

Has anyone gotten the csv file to work for anet or can we only do the copy paste method?

I'm using 4.25

Is there actually a csv file produced? If so, upload one and then email me the link Jamie.

The issue is that a.net does not parse racetab files or reports of any kind. There is or was a note at some point in the a.net upload screen pointing thus out.

That said, I've had good luck copying and pasting results. You do have to pay attention that a.net matches your events correctly, especially if you run a non standard relay like an smr.

That would be pretty inaccurate actually. It does read and parse racetab results as long as you use the suggested headers and don't go rogue. That is why you have good luck copying and pasting results ... look in help and it will say just that.

A J LaPlant said:

The issue is that a.net does not parse racetab files or reports of any kind.
I'll defer to you Don.

Have virtually no problem cutting and pasting to upload

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