I'm having major problems with RT. I keep getting an "Unhandled exception" message (when trying to publish my results) & at the bottom of the message it talks about JIT (just in time) debugging. I've submitted a work order for IT to help but until then, I'm stuck where I'm at. If anyone knows how to get around this, I'd greatly appreciate the help.

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Try uninstalling and reinstalling the MS C+ and the MS net framework. I've had luck doing that. But I have one win 7 machine that has never taken a newer verion of Racetab for some reason.

Thanks, I think they did that but, it appears our antivirus software is the problem. Anyone else having problems with Kaspersky identifying RT as a Trojan??

Mee too, i am having issues with Kaspersky Total Security. Cannot run Racetap when KTS is active

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