I am having an issue with runners being unassigned while seeding.  Any solutions?


Middle School Meet

6 lane

One team even lanes

Other odd

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are you also using a FAT timing system?  if not don't assign lanes in the software.  put the students in the lanes finishline collects bib number and time for the athletes and that gets typed into the software for results, add heats to the event as needed.  if using FAT for timing try out the clerking app on an android phone and set up a wifi network for the track.

Not Fat Timing, No Bibs.  

Had to manually change heats that were unassigned.  Had not thought of that.

Thank you for your quick post.

Bib numbers make unseeded meet much easier, you can use the program to print your own using "LABELS" if you have a USB bar code reader name entry into events are even faster.  Just need to have school email names ahead of time.

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