Unable to find network computer when selecting Source

I ran a meet last night using Flash Timing and RaceTab. I have a folder shared on my capture computer that I used as the Source in Racetab. This was set up and working for most of the meet. At some point I was no longer able to import times from Flash Timing to RaceTab.

Today, I am setting up for another meet and I am unable to find the Capture computer when attempting to select the source in RaceTab. I can view the shared folder on my second computer, but when I go into RaceTab to select the Source, it doesn't show up.

I have my firewall turned off on the capture computer. I don't think anything else has changed since it was working for me last. Having the firewall turned on seemed to prevent RaceTab from finding the network computer, but I have it turned off now.

Possible solutions?

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If you haven't already, you should set that shared folder as a network drive on your RaceTab computer. When you do that it should appear like it's another hard drive basically with its own drive letter. This is preferred over addressing it by IP Address or computer host name or anything.

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