Has anyone used an Ultrak 499 stopwatch to download results to RaceTab? I'm not talking about using it to record times in real time; rather, recording the times into the Ultrak 499's memory and later downloading them into a computer running RaceTab.

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I haven't but if you post a sample of the file that youc an save the times to out of Ultrak then can probably give you a better idea.

I've done it, but it involved an intermediate step of importing the data from the Ultrak software (Digilink) to Excel, because Racetab will not recognize the time format used by Digilink.  Digilink inserts punctuation marks like apostrophes and quotes for minutes and seconds, whereas Racetab needs just raw numbers. So, I import from Digilink to Excel, and I've got a formula to strip out the extra characters.  I then import that column from Excel into Racetab. It's not a big deal, but it would be nice if I could just copy from Digilink to Racetab.

I've done the same as Dave. It works, but the intermediate step is annoying when trying to post results quickly at a meet. 

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