I've noticed when I'm using RaceTab's built-in stopwatch function -- and I try to use the space bar to set splits as racers cross the line -- there is a lag time in the ability to record the times. For example, when two racers are in a heated battle for the line, if they hit the line at virtually the same time, I can't double tap the space bar to get the times as accurately as possible. There has to be a gap between taps of at least half a second or more to record both times.

I've had this issue in live meets. Since I thought it was just me, I tested it in test meets. It is, indeed, a thing. 

Has anyone else had this issue?  Any advice? Any attachments that work better than the space bar?

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I wonder if it could be the processor in your computer.  Is it an older computer?  I had the same issue with an old laptop that I was going to use for timing.

Go to your settings for your mouse on your computer.   Then additional mouse settings.   Change the double mouse click to fast.   This will help but is not perfect.

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