We time and score small XC meets where we would like to use the same laptop to enter bib #'s and time the event during the race at the finish line.  We would like to do both at the same time. Can I do this with Racetab?  When I try doing this, I keep getting the Not in Focus message in the stopwatch screen.

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You can type in the bib #s while you are timing with stop watch in RaceTab. That feature was designed more to get check points ... like grab a bib # every 10 runners or whenever you have a gap and time to do it ... wasn't really intended to do it as the primary. But if your race is small enough then you should be able to. Don't move the focus back up to the results above. Just type the number and hit space as you time... it should capture the time and the bib I think

We also have the bib # application that you could use for this and run that on your phone or another computer

We do get runners finishing together and and wouldn't be able to enter the bib # and hit the space bar that quickly.

Do people typically use two laptops for doing a race?

You said that there is the bib # app to use for this. I thought that this app was more for doing last minute additions to a race.


It's best to grab all the times, whether you're using a laptop with RT and its Stopwatch function, or from an outside source like a TimeMachine. Then input the bib #s in order while the next race is getting ready to go.

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