Does anyone use Time Machine and know if it is compatible with RaceTab?


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Yes, we use one all the time in XC. You need an interface to get the data from TM to your computer - Flying Feet sells a Bluetooth add-on that is great, but you could probably hard wire it via Ethernet port.

And you need a basic communications protocol like HyperTerminal to bring the data into the computer.

Once your TM and computer are talking, you'll get a file that looks like this:

1 001 0001 00:17:00.84
1 002 0002 00:17:02.27
1 003 0003 00:17:26.18
1 004 0004 00:17:27.61
1 005 0005 00:17:29.84
1 006 0006 00:17:30.38
1 007 0007 00:17:33.62
1 008 0008 00:17:41.81
1 009 0009 00:17:44.10
1 010 0010 00:17:44.80

(It will have a line above these indicating Event # and some other data)

Copy this data then paste it into Notepad and Save As and title it so you know what race it goes to "JVBoys" etc.

In RaceTab go to the Event and click on RaceTab to open drop downs and click on Captures. Browse and select the previously saved file then make sure proper event is selected under Import to this Event then click Import. You might have to do a refresh to get the times to appear. I forget if you have to put in the place finishes first or can do after importing times.

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